Do You Know How to REALLY Listen to Your Clients and Employees?

Learn how to utilize the transformative power of the protreptic dialogue in your own business. See how you and your employees will develop a deeper understanding of self and others. Reinforcing a sustainable learning culture where questions are encouraged.

Are you confident that your business is ready to meet the needs of the new fast-growing group of ‘Lonely Consumers’? If not read on…

Meet the needs of the fast-growing group of ‘Lonely Consumers’

What is Protreptic?

Protreptic is a philosophical conversation that was developed at the classical, Greek, executive academies around 400 B.C. It was founded on the idea of symmetrical dialogues where the individual is guided towards justice, decency and responsibility through the protreptic dialogue. The Oxford dictionary defines protreptic as: from Greek protreptikos ‘instructive’, from pro- ‘before’ + trepein … Continue reading What is Protreptic?